Saturday, December 19, 2009

Receive $20 and try for a REWARD! (Trainn)

Hello and thank you for your interest! vvv

Click below to begin.

After you sign up and complete the Blockbuster offer,
I will send $20 to your paypal account. Please leave yourpaypal email below...

Follow the directions from Craigslist. Thank you and Enjoy!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

$$$ iPod Touch $$$

Awesome! Transcendent Innovations, Inc. is also giving away iPod Touches as rewards for referring!

Click below to begin.
I only have 4 more left so sign up today!

List of Directions after signing up:

1) Pick your prize: An iPod Touch or Cash (you can always change it later!) Once you’ve signed up it’s going to ask you what type of account you want. Choose the second option, if you pick the point system this will NOT WORK. Now you’re a member of the system and are closer to getting the prize you want.

2) *Go to the Level A Offers page. You only need to complete
one offer... I suggest the Blockbuster Total Access (only $9.99 for the first month) because you're credited after queuing a movie. Just cancel after the required amount of days (21 days) and you'll be on your way to getting your reward...!

p.s. I will pay you $10, which covers the cost of an offer (you keep the extra left-over!) Leave your paypal email, so I can check once you have received a checkmark completing the offer I'll send you the cash!!!

*This does require use of a credit card... if you're concerned about using one get a PRE-PAID visa at a local grocery store (You can put $10 on it!)

Leave a comment if you have any further questions!

Monday, September 7, 2009

$$$ Xbox 360 Elite $$$

I was just searching around the other day and found this amazing site... If you sign up for one of the offers (I did the Blockbuster one, so I can rent any movie for a month at only $9.99!), and if you refer a number of people, you can receive an Xbox 360 ELITE console! There's also an option for $480 cash, which made me wonder if this site was legit or not.

Good thing I have a couple of buddies that confirmed the site to work. It only takes time to get people to sign up under you, and I hope I can start a referral revolution. If you want in on this awesome deal, just click on the link below...

What I did: First sign up, and pick the 'referral' option. Once you're a member you only need to complete one offer from a list... I did the Blockbuster Total Access so I could rent out movies for only $9.99 the first month, and then I can cancel after the 21 days (and still receive credit). You'll just need to get people to sign up like I'm doing and it shouldn't take you too long. That's free money, and it is absolutely amazing that it works! :)

*NEW* CoD limited edition Modern Warfare 2 bundle added to the site! Go and get it!

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a post here. I can get back ASAP... plus, leave your email and I will give you $10 (paypal) as a thank you for signing up and completing the offer!